Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project Makeover

First of all, let me say thanks for all the condolences offered. Means a lot to me. Now, on to the show...

Project Runway this week was all about transformation. The challenge was to make an outfit out of the favorite clothing of a woman who'd recently lost a large amount of weight - the women pictured are the actual women used in the challenge. I think the least amount one of them lost was 59 pounds, some as much as 100 or more. This should be a reason to celebrate, right? Except when you look at the outfits, you wonder if the designer understood that. This is just okay for me, doesn't knock me over with excitement, you know? I mean, it looks like something you could get at Target or maybe even Walmart. Just ordinary clothes.

This is big giant NO. Granted, it started life as a long velvet tank dress, but how is this better? Hey, the 80's called, it wants its mother of the bride dress back.
For me, this should have been the losing outfit. It's ghastly. Hello, this woman just lost 100 pounds, why do want to put her in layers and a ruffled jacket that ends at her hips? Call attention to every woman's least favorite body part much?
This is cute. I would totally wear this. I give this dress an A+.
Another great, sexy outfit. I would totally buy this top. I do think the leggings make it a little 80's a-go-go, though. I would pair it with straight leg black dress pants - that would rock!
This dress got its designer kicked off. Now, you might not think it looks that bad, but keep in mind his starter outfit was a heavily beaded, pearled, sequined, laced wedding gown. And this is what he came up with. I can describe this dress in one word: mumsy.
Okay, this is sort of cute, but who thought black stockings was a good idea with this? Seriously? It makes this dress look like a mullet. Party from the waist up, business from the waist down. Stick to bare legs and strappy sandals with an outfit like this.
Another cute, cute dress that's actually styled well (bare legs and strappy sandals anyone?) but didn't win. I'd wear this. Would you?
I'm not crazy about this outfit. I think it looks cheap. I hate that the top is sheer enough that the waistband of the pants shows through. A touch tacky in my book.
Anyone else channeling Olive Oyl here? Popeye must be designing this year...

This is the winner. Cute shirt, but all he did for the jeans was take them in and crop them. Not much of a redesign. Whatever. I'm still waiting for this show to get interesting, although this week's episode was better than the last few have been.

Still watching? What's your take on the designers?


  1. Glad you're getting more enjoyment out of the show - I never watched myself, but you just might have convinced me it's worth a look. :)

  2. I'm with you, I didn't like the homely French Maid dress, but I think Elise's dress should've been the losing outfit. I happened to like the Olive Oyl outfit. I thought it was snappy. It wasn't a winner, but it shouldn't have been bottom 3 either. I can't complain about the winner much. I think it was one of the best fitted outfits and his model worked it like she owned it. I agree with your other observations 100%

  3. I still can't believe what Stephen did. I kept thinking that I would've taken the top of the dress and made a jacket or vest and used the skirt to make a cocktail length dress. And yeah, Elise should've been out. Her outfit was the dowdiest thing I'd ever seen.

  4. I like the winner. It's neat and stylish, but then again, there's nothing really spectacular about any of them.

  5. I don't watch this show...but I do enjoy reading what you have to say. ;)
    For this week...I like the outfits that showcase the colors of red and black. :)
    That's just how I roll. :)

  6. I keep missing the next-day reruns of the show. (I don't have time to watch it at night.) Thanks for keeping me in the loop. =oD I suppose I should take a minute to visit their website, but this season hasn't really made me want to. *sigh*

  7. First, let me tell you I speak from experience. Having lost 117 pounds myself, I wouldn't have worn most of those outfits. I worked too hard at it to end up looking like a beached whale (Elisa's dress).

    But a lot of it is personal taste. I won't wear anything sleeveless, but I did like the strapless top sans leggings. The red dress was cute, but the designer should have had to use the material she was given. And Kristen, not all of us can go without stockings (sunglass would be required if I exposed my legs).

    I did like the outfit that won and the cute little dress with the slip hanging out.

    But I'm with you, other than the poor fellow who had to leave the show, where's the fun and drama that we've come to love?

  8. I only liked a couple of the outfits... but then I'm a jeans and t-shirt sort of girl.

  9. Well, yuck to most of them! But the red dress looks a bit like my fav "sexy blood clot" dress, except for the hem (mine is a double hankerchief)Though I have to say the best thing about my dress is the way it drapes and moves and makes me feel. Love it.