Thursday, December 06, 2007

Project Wake Me When It's Over

I hate to say it, but this season's Project Runway has been one big snoozefest. Mostly, I think the fault lies in two things: A. The designers picked to be on the show are almost all established and working in some sort of related industry. For this reason, they're all playing it rather safe. There's no craziness, no just-out-of-design-school need to prove themselves. No real fire. B. The challenges they're being given are kind of lame.

Take this week's, for example. They were divided into 3 teams of 3 and given 3 previous fashion trends that are now fashion don'ts and told to remake them. Um...for the most part, these fashion don'ts weren't really something any of us wanted to revisit, were they?

The winning team, who had overalls, poodle skirts and something else I can't remember, came up with these three outfits. Very nicely made. I might actually wear the dress.

The worst two outfits of the night are the following two. The first one got its creator kicked off. Odd, huh? Especially when you look at the satin crapfest that follows it. I can describe that outfit in one word - NO. Granted, the first dress might be a bit "meh", but the designer's fashion don't was shoulder pads. What else was he going to do with them? Make a hat? At least the dress has an air of elegance about it. Unlike the other one...
In this second outfit, the designer had underwear as outerwear, cut outs, and neon. And his outfit basically looks like it belongs on a futuristic hooker. Wow, way to reinterpret those fashion don'ts!

Please Project Runway, get some good challenges! What ever happened to the days of making clothes from plants or trash? Why not have the designers make a wedding dress? Or just a fancy dress? We like to see that stuff, not be reminded of all our previous fashion sins. Do you agree? Are you as unimpressed with this year's show as I am?


  1. I'm not excited by it this year either. There aren't any personalities that stand out, either. Where are the crazies like Santino? I thought Elisa was going to be one of those, but now even she has toned it down.

  2. I am missing too many episodes. Let me know when it's the marathon, will ya. In the meantime, I'm going to be writing! :(

  3. I've never seen the show. And what the heck is so wrong with overalls? I loved those. Man I got pissed when they made the what not to wear list.

  4. Figures... I liked Chris's dress, and they kicked him off. I wish they'd kicked off the crier instead. Feh. I'm behind on the shows. Did they kick off the chick who had to put her fabric on the floor and chant over it? The one who spit marks her fabrics? Umm, ew.

  5. Well, I'm finally caught up on the episodes and I agree. There are no personalities like in the past. I want Wendy Pepper.