Thursday, May 15, 2008

Son of a Biscuit-Eating Bulldog

My work horse laptop, the one that sits on my desk in my office and never travels anywhere, has died. Again. Yes, again - this is the same laptop that had a major hard drive meltdown last year and caused me to lose EVERYTHING.

This time, thanks to Hotrod setting up an external back-up system, nothing will be lost. It's still a giant pain in the backside. And it means that I'm coming to you on my small, slow travel laptop. Hey, I'm grateful for it right now!

So, I'll be calling the guys who installed the new harddrive into my main laptop to see if there's any kind of warranty. Even so, I'm thinking it might be time to get a new machine. The big question is: Should I go to a Mac? What do you think? What kind of machine do you use?


  1. ACK! I was thinking it wasn't that long ago your computer freaked out. Sheesh. It might not be the new hard drive, though. Last year my daughter's computer had a meltdown, I was sure it was her hard drive, but when we took it to the computer guys, we found out it was the motherboard. (Dirty rotten bastidge.) The upside of that thing taking a dirt-nap was she got to keep her data; the downside was we had to get a new computer because installing a new motherboard was more expensive than buying a new computer.

    Good luck, Kristin. My fingers are crossed that it's not expensive and you get your computer back soon.

  2. Say it aint so!!! I'm so sorry. Good for you having the back up. I've got to be better with that.
    I've got a Dell because my DH is a computer guy and works with Dells a lot. I know lots of folks love Macs. Keep us updated. Good luck.

  3. Mac. I promise you, you will never ever regret it. Ever. There are no compatibility problems -at least that I've encountered- and it's puuurty. And fun. And Loverly. I would take it to bed with me and roll nekkid all over it but I hold myself back.

  4. Vista drove me to Mac...and I will never go back. Never. Never, ever, ever.

    so, I vote Justin Long, er, Mac.

  5. That photo is so scary, I'm backing up everything ASAP.

    I'm also a MAC convert. No crashes, no problems, no regrets.

  6. Mac. I have a Mac desktop, but my son got me a PC laptop for travel, sweet but not what I wanted. As soon as I can, I'm getting a Mac laptop, what a difference!!

  7. If I could afford it, I would love a Mac Air...**drool**...that's on the top of my list. I want a snazzy computer...although, Sony VAIOs are great too. I would research. These days it seems quality is not the bottom line. I use Dells because it's cheap and I get an account and I know I usually upgrade every 4-5 years because by the 6th year you better be looking for a new computer. Good luck!