Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm A Bad Blogger

Okay, so I haven't been blogging regularly lately. I know that. I apologize. (If anyone even cares. lol) I planned to blog today, but then I read that Clay Aiken is apparently going to be a father.

I know. It left me speechless too. And totally erased whatever fabulous blog post I would have put here. Gone. Smashed to nothingness by the powerful sperm of the redheaded stepchild.

In other news, a squirrel peed on my office window, then chewed through the screen in our lanai to get to a bag of birdseed. I replaced the screen, because I am Uber Handy, then he proceeded to chew another hole. Hotrod then hosed the squirrel into submission (during which I laughed hysterically because the squirrel, although dripping wet, seemed to like his bath) and the issue seems to have resolved itself.

Now I must do something that resembles housework. You, on the other hand, should totally go dress up this squirrel. Give it a whirl. It's better than laundry.


  1. dude. thanks for another useless time waster. Can't stop dressing the squirrel.

    I'm still laughing that the squirrel peed on your window. that kind of stuff only happens to you.

  2. We have squirrels but they don't get close enough to pee on our windows. What a little jerk.

    At least he got a bath out of it. My cats would've just ate him.

  3. We have lots of squirrels here. There's no telling what they do around my house.

  4. I can't take it. The squirrel is killing me! Like I need him to eat up my proposal writing time. I'm a mess. Your story is priceless. And yes I missed you and yes the Clay thing was a total mind trip. Messed up the blog world today!

  5. With Clay Aiken..the woman is just carrying his child it seems...I heard she's about 50 and works with him on his music but the articles I've read makes it seem like she's doing him a favor by being a surrogate. Hey, if he's ready to be a father, I'm happy for the guy!

  6. I love squirrels... both for their furry antics, and... as dinner. (I haven't had squirrel in years, but it was a staple in our house when I was growing up.) They can be little PITAs though. My last feeder was shredded by the litte buggers. Since I started keeping a separate pan of food for them, they leave my bird feeder alone.

    Sorry about your squirrel marauder, but thanks for the giggle. I can't get the image of wet squirrel out of my head. ;o)

  7. I replaced my screens and thought of you cause you're so handy. I thought it might make you proud. :-)

  8. Yep, when my son read that to me It took a good twenty minutes for the neuro pathways in my brain to fire again.


  9. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Clay Aiken a father? Go figure, I could have sworn he was gay. Ah well, goes to show you never know.

    I hope hot rod got uber pain killers so he is sleeping through the worst of it.

  10. Wow. Clay Aiken and squirrels. Interesting blog post today. :)
    I wish you'd gotten the squirrel hosing on film.
    Now That's Entertainment! :)
    I have a gecko caught in between the screen and the window next to where I write. Talk about entertainment. :)

  11. that squirrel looks entirely too smug!

    Tell hotrod to hose him again!

  12. Wait, so who's going to be the mothers? Is this another alien situation, like with TomKat?