Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pretty Bumpy Things

The phone rang at 1:48 AM. I was awake on the first ring, but the phone's on Hotrod's side and he could sleep through an amputation. He eventually managed to get the phone out of it's cradle, at which time he stared at it blankly until I grabbed it. After the third ring and before I could answer it, it went silent.

I checked the caller ID. Out Of Area. Which basically means I have no idea who called at that horrid hour. My heart, which was already pounding because, let's face it, a phone call at that hour usually means someone's dead, in jail or both, now turned black with anger and the desire to make someone dead or in jail.

There are two things that make me cranky. Hunger. Lack of sleep. Take notes.

So I was all prepared to be in a poopy mood this morning when lo and behold, Hotrod calls me outside. At first, I just see the two sandhill cranes he's been feeding, then he points out into the water. We have a gator in our canal! Very exciting stuff, I assure you. And he's kind of cute, just a little fellow maybe 2 1/2 - 3 feet long. He's swimming along and we're taking pictures (well, Babe was) and then what do I spot...another one! Two gators! Coolness squared.

The day has been saved.


  1. Your happiness in finding the gators has me worried. You're not planning on making them into something, like shoes or a purse?

  2. Two gators? Coolness!

    Oh...and if the late night caller had been waitng to impart any kind of important me they would have called back.
    Likely it was someone selling something you don't need. :)

  3. I hate calls in the middle of the night! I'm guessing it was a wrong number.

    And gators in the canal? I would be freaked. But I'm not a Florida girl so there ya go. ;)

  4. I just love living in this place. :)

  5. I'm with Maria and worried about your gator happiness. Yes I'd be taking pics, but on the run. Eek!

    Sorry about the night caller. Hate that mess.

  6. Oh, it's that time of year again. Crank Call Season! We've already been hit, by a scary raspy voice: "Look outside your window!" We both immediately freaked, Nick got up and checked the whole house, and finally called the number back. A mom answered and said she had a bunch of girls upstairs with a phone, and she'd take care of it. My heart didn't stop racing for an hour!