Monday, June 02, 2008

You Devil, You!

I have a very special guest visiting me this week - my friend and critique partner, Babe King! What makes the visit so special is that she's from Tasmania, the island state of Australia.

In other words, a long way away.

We've known each other for about four years, but this is the first time we've met face to face. Very cool. I'm going to do my best to introduce her to a bunch of my writing friends while she's here, show her some Floridian sights, do the tourist know.

Speaking of Tasmania...have you read Roxanne St. Claire's First You Run? It's got a yummy Tassie hero. Just saying.


  1. Oh my yes. I've read FIRST YOU RUN twice and drooled over Fletch the entire time. Now I'm re-reading THEN YOU HIDE, and I absolutely cannot wait for Lucy's book to come out this fall. CANNOT. WAIT!

    Have fun with your friend.


  2. Oh THAT'S where Tasmania is! I know, you've told me before. But I can't shake the conviction that it's an island off the coast of Africa, somehow.

    Have a blast with Babe!

  3. Thanks for the nod, and the bit of geography lesson. I can't wait to meet Babe! I just think there's something ultra cool about Tasmania and the idea of a hero from there really intrigued me. Also, my very first fan letter, evah, came from a reader in Tasmania and of course I answered her within 2.5 seconds of receiving the email, all atwitter to have not only a reader, but an international one at that. She's become a good pal and was a tremendous source when I wrote a Tasmanian hero.

    Welcome to Florida, Babe! (Cool name, btw.)


  4. !!! BABE!!!

    Give her a big hug from us Divas K? She so deserves a vacation-go Babe!

  5. y'all are gonna have so much fun! I'm completely jealous of Babe's alone time with you. ;)

  6. Have a blast! But, I know she will with you. Thanks for the geography lesson. Very cool. Yes, go see SATC!