Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What time is it?


I watched Shear Genius (check out the ever witty Kwana for a recap) last night, because as most of you know, reality TV is my crack. However, I was beat and ended up falling sleep on the couch. Which I hate, because it really screws up my whole sleep rhythm thing. As a result I am sucking down coffee in an attempt to wake my inner writer up. And, okay, my outer writer isn't exactly chipper, either.

My main goals today are writing and errands. What are you up to?

In other writing-related news, have you heard about this crap? Talk about publishers to avoid. My heart goes out to the author involved.

For some hardcore cuteness, do yourself a favor and visit the ferret cam. Baby ferret, y'all!


  1. Awww, the ferret was sleeping, but it looked like it was having a dream. Too cute. And the LOLcat is awesome. =o)

    That whole NCP mess is horrible. The poor author needs to sue them back into the holes they crawled out of. Feh.

  2. Hey Kristen thanks for the shout out. You know how addicted I am to reality tv especially anything on Bravo. I'm gonna love Shear Genus. Too bad about Oshun. I agree with you. he would have made for great bad TV.

    The NPC mess is awful!

  3. I heard about that NCP crapola. If I wasn't completely shocked/mad before, I am now.

  4. The NCP thing is BS. Unbelievable nerve...

    I'm writing and working workshop stuff for PI today. And probably some laundry. Blech on the last one.

  5. I am in a hole...seriously! I didn't know that they started a new cycle of shear genius.