Thursday, February 19, 2009

Author chat and autographed books!

Melissa Mayhue is chatting with The Knight Agency tonight!

She'll be talking about her time-traveling series, DAUGHTERS OF THE GLEN, which is set in present day America and Medieval Scotland
. Also, Melissa has generously agreed to give away an autographed set of her entire series to one lucky winner during the chat. The series includes: THIRTY NIGHTS WITH A HIGHLAND HUSBAND, HIGHLAND GUARDIAN, SOUL OF A HIGHLANDER and A HIGHLANDER OF HER OWN.

Make sure to mark your calendars for this awesome opportunity! To learn more about Melissa, visit

Online Chat with Melissa Mayhue
WHEN: Thursday, February 19th @ 9pm ET
WHERE: The TKA Chat Room
2. To enter the chat room, fill in a username and password (passwords are not pre-set, you can enter any name/password combination)
3. Click Login
*Computers must be Java enabled to chat.


  1. Oooh, me likey Highlander books. :)

    PS. For your flyer/brochure question, go to the spaclass Samhain has on its yahoo groups. There in the file section is a Word template you can download and use for your brochure. (I think there's some examples there, too) It makes life SO easy! Once you design it, you need to get it approved by the marketing director before you print one. :)

  2. Well, crud, I missed it. I love Diana Gabaldon books and she still owes me one. In the meantime, what do I read. Looks like these books might be the ticket.

    I have started a book traveling idea for my blog. I read a book and send it on to another blogger who continues the same. Maybe I'll get one of these. I've just sent Cloudia's book to Travis.