Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Me In The RWR

My letter to the editor is in the Romance Writer's Report this month, currently in mailboxes or about to be.

I'm really curious what the response (if any) will be.

In other news, I'm really getting into Twitter. If you're on there, check me out at: I'm pretty good at following those who follow me, so add me and I'll come check you out!

Lastly, I need to write today. I say that every day, but the novella I'm working on is trying to kill me and I'm doing my best to resist it. Today I need to bite the bullet and get some pages done. If it's crap when I'm finished, it's crap, but at least it will be done, right? Have you ever written a story like that? One you didn't have a lot of faith in but wanted to finish anyway?


  1. Why yes I have. Good luck. Can't wait to get my RWR and read your letter.

  2. Yeah, I think it happens in every book. Some scenes flow and others are annoying. I need to make myself write today too.
    Looking forward to seeing your letter.

  3. Oh, rats. I lost my post.

    But to answer your question, YES!!
    I knew the last story I was working on was crap about 2/3 into it, but I was DETERMINED to finish it. And I did. But it's not my favorite story.
    Did not get my RWR yet. Can't wait!

  4. It won't be crap, and you won't be dead. You are much more talented than you think.

  5. GREAT letter in RWR!
    And yes, most days the work feels like crap. But when I go back to read it the next day, I usually say, "Hmm, this doesn't stink as much as I thought it did."
    You, my dear, are a fantastic author so keep on keeping on.

  6. Oh yes definitely I've done that. And sometimes it turns out better than I thought or it's just as bad as I assumed it would be and I go back and revise/edit a bit. Just keep writing - you can do it. :)

    Can't wait to read your letter...

  7. I can't wait to get my RWR this month :) I'm on twitter but can't get into it. I always forget about it or maybe I'm too lazy :) Keep on writing, you'll get there (and it won't be crap)!

  8. Excellent! I'm looking forward to getting my copy.

  9. I've had some MS that grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go. Not until the whole thing was written.


  10. Sometimes I have to force myself to write and even to push through stories that have lost their first blush. We just have to do it.