Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Wish I Had A Repeat Button

Yesterday was a great day. I hope today is just as good! Why was yesterday such a good day? I'm so glad you asked...

1. Ate a salad made from sprouts I grew.
2. Wrote 5 pages that I liked.
3. Twittered in earnest
4. Had some fun conversations with the members of my Yahoo Author group (anyone can join, readers, writers, anyone!)
5. Apparently ate really well, because I woke up 1.4 pounds lighter!
6. Exchanged some funny emails with my mom, who is made of awesome (which makes me the child of awesome by default)
7. Got to see my friend Mel's new FANTASTIC cover!

Now, I just need to do some of that again. Except maybe write more pages. It feels good to be back in the groove.


  1. Great day! Wishing you the best this day too.

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Wow. that was a great day. May today's top it!

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Woot on the fabulous day! :)

  4. Fantastic, Kristen! I joined your yahoo group. I have to send some love.

  5. Sounds like a great day! Congrats on being back in the groove, and on the five pages. Here's hoping today is even better. =o)

  6. Awww, your whole list is so sweet. Esp. the part about your mom! And except the part about sprouts. :-P

  7. Wait. Wait. Wait.
    Back up.
    You grew your own sprouts? I love sprouts!

  8. What a lovely day!

    Hoping today is just as fun and special!

  9. Oh my, very interesting site and cover! I want to grow sprouts to eat too.