Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Moxylyn to play a little game called 6 by 6. "The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the sixth image in your sixth image folder, and then tag another six people to do the same."
So here's the 6th image from my 6th image folder: Sam looking slightly concerned that there are so many wires and cables on my desk. Poor kitten. He worries about a lot of things.

I'm tagging:

1. Louisa
2. Lara
3. Kwana
4. Maria
5. Jax
6. Maureen


  1. Your cats are SO cute.

  2. Wow! You must get up early. I didn't expect anyone to have done it already. It took me like 5 days LOL

  3. Fun tag. It's my 2nd or 3rd in a week. I will get on it after the last. Very soon. Thanks!

  4. I've heard of that game but when I tried to play it could not. I can't remember why but there was some practical reason... ho-humm, ain't life a bitch!!

  5. OMG, it's a kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    (She looks like mine)

    (Except mine is an evil goddess)

    (Which is why I bow before her, or else!)

  6. This is tough but I will try to understand this tag! LOL

  7. oooo... First I have to decide whether to take the challenge from my laptop or my desktop... Hmmmm...

  8. Honey I tried to comment on your latest post and it won't come up! Something went wacky. And I really wanted to talk about how you could resist ice cream cake. You are a strong woman.