Thursday, March 05, 2009

I haz a sad

I have to clean house today. In a big way. All three guest rooms have to be primed and ready to go. Why? Because starting this afternoon, Hotrod's family descends.

I really hate cleaning. I love a clean house, just hate the process. Plus it never seems to last for more than a few days.

The biggest kicker? I'm never so motivated to write as when I have something else pressing to be done. Are you like that too? Need to leave the house in five minutes and you're on such a roll that you could bang out a chapter if you didn't have to leave? Why is that?

Must go clean. I'm sure the vacuum is going to give me blisters...


  1. I feel your pain! Have fun with the family though.

  2. I hear you on the house never staying clean. Makes me wonder why we bother. And why do we make our beds? What's the point? Just to look good, I guess.
    Hope the cleaning goes smoothly. :-)
    Sometimes, yeah, if I have something to do I'll really want to write, but when I have nothing then I waste my time when I could be writing.

  3. If you wear cashmere gloves, it prevents blistering from vacuum cleaner. Of course, with cashmere gloves on, you can't actually clean.

    I was trying to help, but I don't think it worked.

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    The dust in my house is thick after 3 months of being away that I could write volumes in it! I've been doing mail for 3 days!

    Will try to clean by NEXT WEEK!

    Enjoy Hotrod's family. (Snerk)

  5. I hate vacuuming, toilet cleaning, and wood floors! What a pain. But I hate having a messy house, too. Good luck! With the stinky economy and two mortgages I can't justify Maid Brigade anymore. :(

  6. I think it's because we work best under pressure. Or, as Calvin & Hobbes would say, I would ONLY under pressure.

  7. blech cleaning.


  8. I too love a clean house, but hate cleaning it. I've thought seriously lately about getting a cleaning person to come in, but honestly, in the past, it just makes more work for me, because I have to pick up before they get there. Sigh...

  9. Love the picture! And I agree, there's nothing like having something else that needs to get done as motivation for the muse. It's one of those cruel jokes the universe likes to play.

  10. I completely understand this phenomenon. Why can't my muse stop sending the perfect words and scenes for my latest wip when I absolutely must do something else? I wrote 3,800 words yesterday because instead I was supposed to be gathering my tax stuff for a meeting today. Doh! :)
    Why? I just don't know the answer. :)