Thursday, March 26, 2009

Word Of The Day

Today's word of the day is: Shenanigans

noun Informal.

1. Usually, shenanigans.
a. mischief; prankishness: Halloween shenanigans.
b. deceit; trickery.
2. a mischievous or deceitful trick, practice, etc.

I adore the word shenanigans and have been using it a lot lately. Not always appropriately, but I find that even funnier. Just saying the word makes you feel spry. I swear. Try it!

Now please use shenanigans in a sentence. The best sentence will win my undying love and adoration.


  1. I'm sure Jack will be up lots of shenanigans as soon as I'm out the door.

  2. Kristen is up to her old shenanigans making me use my brain so early in the morning.

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I would write you a sentence, but I have shenanigans to attend to. ;)

  4. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I don't have time for these foolish shenanigans today.

  5. LOL! That's a great word. My kids pull shenanigans all day long, then I put them to bed.

  6. I call shenanigans on you!

  7. Shenani-gans twenty pounds when eating five pounds of chocolate! ;o)

  8. Your shenanigans make me want you more.

  9. I can't wait to see you in DC so we can indulge in more shenanigans.

  10. I love the word shenanigans! I have to fight myself not to use it in my blog all the time. I think the night time shenanigans in our home are funny. Like when my son is scared of the Brady Bunch, or his sister tells him she loves him more than a rock.

    Okay, a funny sentence...let me think...
    This a note.
    Dear Kristen and Hotrod,
    We think the shenanigans that go on in your house daily are quite amusing.
    Love, The Cats

  11. I love shenanigans and tomfoolery of all types.

  12. My life is filtered through the lens of my children's shenanigans! Can I include my husband in that equation too ;)

  13. December, I love that word too: tomfoolery! Great!

  14. I have a headache so Larry wont be getting any shenanigans tonight.

    btw, I spit when I saw that photo!