Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So I got up at 4 AM

Yep. 4 AM. I threw on some flip flops and a sweatshirt and headed outside. All three cats came with me, because why pass up an opportunity to see what the human is doing at such a strange hour.

They quickly took up all available seating.

I hung out for about half an hour but all I saw were two very faint streaks. There are just too many lights in this area to make for good meteor shower viewing, but there were some pretty bright stars. I thought for sure I'd see more than I did. Kind of a bummer, really.

Did you get up to watch the Leonids last night?


  1. I did not and I'd wanted to but forgot!

    Over the summer we watched the meteor shower and it was AWESOME. We live in the country though with clear open skies and no city lights. Very easy to see them.

    Sorry you were disappointed! Take a nap today. ;)

  2. Nope. No meteors for me. I'm hard to roust from my bed that early. Unless its for a flight somewhere fun!

  3. No. I guess I haven't been watching the news, because i didn't even know about it. Wah.

  4. Oh no, I didn't even about them. :-(

  5. Apparently Utah had the bet seat in the house. Here is a nice link to watch what surveillance cameras saw :