Sunday, February 19, 2006

And So It Begins...

Tomorrow I begin the serious undertaking of agent-requested revisions to my third book. In a way, I feel like this is an interview - or rather an audition. If the revisions accomplish what was requested, that should mean good things, right?

How do you go about revisions like this? Do you have a method you use? For me, it means printing the work out and doing edits on the hardcopy then transferring the changes to the computer copy, then one final print out for a proof read.

I will be changing the POV in one scene and adding a new subplot to provide additional motivation (and some increased conflict) for my heroine. I really think it's going to make the book shine. And oddly enough, I'm looking forward to getting into the revisions. I'm excited about what I think they're going to do for this book!

How do you feel about revisions?


  1. I'm constantly revising mine and it always makes it better.

  2. How do I feel about revision? Like I'm in the dentist's chair getting root canal.


  3. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Go, Kristen :)

  4. I actually love them. They are my favorite part of the process. Getting it down the first time is hard for me, but playing with it, changing, stretching... that is the fun part!

  5. I haven't faced this yet, so I'll be very interested in hearing how you handle it.

  6. I'm in revision hell now. I hate it. I love the results, but the getting there...omg shoot me now! Lol

  7. I'm liking revising so far. So far.

    Did you finish Ain't She Sweet? Did you like it?

  8. Girl, you're talking about the queen of editing/revising. So don't go there. It's not a matter of liking it. It's a matter of being an anally perfectionist. *LOL*