Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Two Year Anniversary

I started writing with the goal of publication two years ago this month. I've had a request for the first book I wrote, so I'm doing my best to shine it up. Man, I had some issues back then. Seems like all my sentences had the same structure and I was overly fond of the prepositional phrase. Still, the story is interesting, the hero hot and the heroine sympathetic. Perhaps that's what helped it final in the Golden Heart? Or maybe I just got some really understanding judges.

My growth as a writer amazes me. I'm proud of myself for learning so much about this craft, for using contests & critiques as tools and not personal attacks, for not being afraid to ask questions and for surrounding myself with people willing to help.

Have you ever looked back at something you first wrote to see how far you've come? Was it good? Bad? Ugly? How have you changed as a writer from when you started? What do you credit that with?


  1. Wow, 2 years. How wonderful you're still learning, and focused on reaching your goals.

    I'm still such a newbie at this. I'm definately still learning and growing! I think as long as you're willing to do that, you can always say your goals are within reach.

  2. Anonymous11:29 PM

    It is great that we keep learning :)

  3. Kristen,

    My first book isn't even fit to be burned. That would be too merciful. It should be used to wipe someone's butt. Yeah. That's how bad it was.


  4. Happy 2-yr. anniversary! As for me, I'm still there. Hanging. Not finished writing anything. Still learning.

  5. Kristen and I started writing about the same time, so we've known each other for almost that amount a for my first book, I'm re-writing it.. at least it has saturated the publishing market, so I'm afraid to send it back out.. LOL

    As for learning, I keep up with it, and although I'm not as prolific as Kristen, I have to admire how well she's doing!

  6. Congrats on your two years. Man, mine should be coming up in 8mos. *ach*

    My first MS, I loved adverbs and head hopped. I learnt NOT to use established authors as a guide. The first one i wrote got a few requests and then finally got accepted by NCP. I'm blown away, although I do like my 2nd MS better...and my 3rd better than my 2nd. With every story I grow and I hope I keep on growing.

    Congrats K and onward and upward for you.

  7. Good for you! You're way further along than I am and I'm proud of you! I can't get to my very first stuff anymore since it's on 3.5" disk and my new computer can't even read those anymore. But I think I might still appreciate some of the fun I had, but it would need serious editing!

    Btw, you're tagged! Check my blog for 5 Guilty Pleasures.

  8. Yes, I've found a lot of stuff and even wondered how it got published! I've been writing and submitting material for over 20 years. Now I sell my work to pro markets and edit a online magazine. I can't imagine my life without writing/editing.

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