Saturday, July 15, 2006

Amazon Reviews


Calling all Authors!

Tired of being trashed with no recourse? There may be something we can do to minimize the effects of mindless reviews.

I am sending a cache of letters to Amazon's corporate office requesting that all reviews be ordered according to their stars. Five stars at the top. One star on the bottom. The reader can choose which order she wishes to read the reviews in, but the best will always be at the top. This may cut down on the deliberate trashing of books because the trashers review wil always be at the bottom and not the first thing prospective buyers will see.

Please send your letters made out to Amazon requesting this change in how reviews are presented to:

Jennifer St. Giles
PO Box 465654
Lawrenceville Georgia 30042

Deadline for final mailing will be Aug. 31 St 2006 but depending on the response I may send several batches. Spread the word.

Thanks, Jennifer

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  1. This is an EXCELLENT idea. I'm surprised they haven't done it already.