Monday, July 17, 2006

I Want Your Money


Hey y'all! I just signed up to walk in the 3 Day Walk for the Cure (Breast Cancer) in Atlanta in October as part of the Knight Agency team. I have to raise $2200 to even participate so the begging for funds begins now. Please support me because if I die doing this, you'll feel very guilty if you didn't. (How was that for a guilt trip? I'm sure if I was a mother I could do better.) Click Here to see my personal page. (And make a donation!)

Click Here to see my team page.


  1. I had planned to sign up and walk as well, but there was a conflict with work. I'll divvy up my money and sponsor you and Deidre.

    Walk well!

  2. Good luck Kristen!

  3. None of us are game to comment. :-)
    I'll see what I have left after the house transfer- you may get a few coins and a button or two from the bottom of my purse by then. :-)
    Seriously though, great cause, good on you.
    Oh, and BTW, will this be in heels?