Friday, July 14, 2006

Random Things

Me in front of the Poison Garden - a special section of the Alnwick Castle gardens (no wonder they filmed Harry Potter here!) This garden contained things that could: kill you in a variety of ways, cause your stomach to bleed, raise a rash on your skin, burn out your sinuses just from inhalation, addict you, blind you - both temporarily and permanently, give you diarrhea, stop your heart, eat holes in your brain...I could go on, but you get the picture, right?

The whole gang at the Scottish border. It was such a beautiful day! From left to right - Allyson, Michelle, Sasha (the little one), Rick and me.

Ah, the haggis. Isn't it pretty? And so tasty! Who would've thunk it? Mmmm...haggis...


  1. OK, what EXACTLY IS haggis????

  2. Okay, Amanda took my question right out of my mouth. *lol*

    As for that pic of you in front of the Poison Garden, I just saw it and thought, "Prof. Snape." Then you mentioned that Harry Potter had been filmed there, and I went "Duh!". It's perfect.

  3. Oh what great pics!

    Actually the haggis looks yummy. Then again it's 1:30 here and I haven't had lunch yet, so right about now anything looks yummy *g*

  4. I can't believe you ate the haggis. My adopted Scot son will be proud. He swears when I visit that I'm gonna eat it.

    I steal swear he's wrong.

    (ahem, still no chicken pictures...nekkid, dancing, or otherwise)

  5. good lord. I can't spell.

    THAT SHOULD BE I "still" swear he's wrong.

    Somebody, beer me.

  6. Very cool pics, Kristen :)

    Oh man that garden sounds trippy {:0

  7. That is not haggis.

    It's meatloaf hollandaise.

    Haggis is cooked in a stomach. I see no sheep stomach on that plate. Innards, oats all cooked in a stomach.

    You ate tourist haggis.

  8. Haggis looks like Tuesday's Special. LOL I've seen it before, but not doused in so much Hollandaise sauce to disguise the taste.

    Glad you had fun in Scotland!

  9. At least you ate SOME type of haggis. Have to get the whole experience, right?

    That garden..did it have guards? Were there any stories of anyone breaking in for some illegal gathering? It seems like it would be a major temptation for someone plotting nefarious deeds.

    Really enjoyed the "trip" through your eyes, Kristen. Thanks for sharing.