Saturday, July 22, 2006

Things To Do Before Leaving For Conference

1. Decide on outfits
2. Whittle down pairs of shoes to take
3. Organize promotional items for RD
4. Print out all flight info, contact info and party info
5. Pack
6. Lose 20 pounds



  1. 25 pounds.

    But who's counting? *eye roll*

    Did you ever get those Christian L. animal print heels? Huh? huh? You are bringing them, if you did, right?

  2. Maybe pick the shoes first, then decide which outfits to take.

    My to-do list is

    oil change
    pack bags

    Pretty short, but getting the oil change is going to require some serious good karma to make the timing work.

  3. Whittle down pairs of shoes? ROFL!

  4. Five pairs of shoes should do it.
    Does for me.

    Mix and Match is a cinch then.

  5. Now, that's quite a list, Kristen. *g* Good luck with losing 20 lbs.!

  6. Eva - Honey, I'm not buying $900 shoes until I sell a book with a decent advance. And my husband is out of town. ;o)

    Karen - Yeah, the outfit and shoe picking has to happen together.

    Zinnia - Shoes are um, let's just say, an issue with me.

    Michele - I'm trying to keep it to five pairs, myself but it doesn't look good. lol

    Tempest - 20lbs in three days might be a much, huh?

  7. Pack.

    Lose the remaining 50 lbs.

    I choose pack.

    See you this week!!!