Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Castles - Part One

Edinburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle - on the coast of the North Sea

The portcullis at Alnwick Castle. This castle played the roll of Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter films.
Raby Castle
Another of Alnwick


  1. Beautiful pics, Kristen. Especially like that top one of Edinburgh Castle!

  2. Did they inspire you to write medieval or gothic romance? They would me.
    Great pictures!

  3. sigh.

    I know castles really have to be uncomfortable...but they just look soooooo romantic.

    lock me up in a bed chamber with a tall scot any time....

  4. I love England, Ireland, and Scotland. I miss it terribly. (Went to school there, Ahmed's family is there, and some of mine, as well.)
    So glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Ehem... Who gave you permission to post pics of my castle? *rofl* Great pics, Kristen.

  6. Gorgeous! There is just something magical about a castle.

  7. Edinburgh Castle is one of my favorites. It's built on top of an extinct volcano. Could you imagine trying to attack the place?

    Amother of my favorites is Urquhart on the coast of Loch Ness. Spooky, especially when there's mist.

  8. I don't trust the word extinct when it is followed by the word volcano.

  9. My kids enjoyed viewing the castles. Anything linked to Harry Potter has top marks. LOL

    Me? Your pictures are beautiful, crisp and capture the romance what we readers look for.