Friday, September 01, 2006

Emotions - Part II

Based on the comments section, looks like a lot of you enjoyed yesterday's post on emotions. I'm wondering now if there are specific emotions you write best? Which ones do you have the most problem capturing?

I struggle with dark scenes. Anything that needs to be angry or confrontational always gives me pause - much like in my real life. I wonder if this is true for you as well, that what's hard for you in real life is hard for you to write?

I'd love to hear your take on this.


  1. You got it. I stink at confrontation in real life AND in fiction. My heroines are more likely to be peace-makers than butt-kickers.

    If I do have to write a confrontation, I undercut it with humor.

  2. I'm a new writer, working on my first romance novel. So I feel that I'm having a tough time writing emotions behind love scenes without sounding too cheesy or something like out of a really bad True Confessions magazine. I guess I just feel self-conscious. But that's what I have challenges with right now! :) Abby

  3. I had a huge confrontation with my characters that blocked me for 3 days. I could not think of a way/what they would say to get back together.

    And then I remembered what my husband does to me when I'm fervently praying for a bird to poop on his head. (nail spitting really pissed angry)

    He makes me laugh. Normally a private joke, a one liner, that makes me stop in my tracks and crack up. Then I want to kill him for making me laugh, but I digress.
    So I was able to use that in my WIP and I think the scene is one of the best in the book. I even ended up using something we laugh about.