Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What Bores You?

Let's say you're in your favorite bookstore, looking for a new read. You pick one up, read the back cover blurb...then put it down. Why? Are there certain things that bore you? Things you've seen or read one too many times?

What makes you NOT buy a book?


  1. Genre.
    I know that I am guilty of judging all books by their covers. hee hee

    If I pick up a book thinking it's a romanctic science fiction and it turns out to be the detailed historical account of the invention of yarn...why then I put it down immediately and back away.


  2. I don't read the back blurb. They suck.

    I crack the bugger open and read the first few pages. Backstory and adverbs in the first few pages? Back down. When I think,"Meh." Back down.

    I order most my books directly from the internet when I hear/read a review from a review I agree with.

    This is not to say I wouldn't LOVE to sit in a bookstore and browse till my hearts content. I just don't have the time right now.

  3. I'm a blurb reader. And I don't think I can take many more Scottish time travels. Scottish anything, really. I'm pretty bored by Regencies, too. Hope that doesn't last long because I know there are some good ones out there.

    Shallow vampires who moan their way through eternity. Yaaawwwwnnn. You're immortal. Have some fun with it.

    I'm sure there are more things, but that's what springs to mind.

  4. I definitely start with the covers. There are certain types that attract me. Bright, pretty, flowery. Blah. I generally walk right by. Darker, sexier, edgier, maybe even ones that make me go, huh? Those I'll stop for. Give them a flip.

    Back blurb is a maybe. I generally hate the way they're written. lol So I'll flip to the first page. If the first line is a hook that I can't get past, I'll read the first page. If that works to keep me interested, and the style of writing seems to be coming along, I generally say, hmmm... this might be it. :)

    Yea, it's a whole process.

  5. hmmm. good question. I do read blurbs just to see if it's my kind of story...whatever that is. Then assuming it's even remotely interesting. I flip to the middle of the book somewhere and start reading. If there are issues flourishing and I'm intrigued and I like the voice then I flip to the front and read to see if I can feel a sense of one of the lead characters and see if I'd like to spend sometime with them, if no, then back on the shelf it goes.