Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How Do You Do It?

I'm talking to those of you who write and have small children. We watched our four-year-old niece this weekend (overnight) and I came away for a whole new appreciation for those of you who manage to write and not turn your kids over to wolves to raise.

She wore me out (and that was with Hotrod's help). I had no idea bathtime could last so long. I added more hot water twice. I woke up Monday morning to a little body climbing over mine and asking, "Auntie Kristen, why are you still sleeping?" That pretty much set the tone for the day.

I'm exhausted. And so definitely not cut out to be a mother. My greatest respect to those of you who manage it! I didn't write a lick until her parents came to pick her up - of course, then I felt so behind I wrote four pages in about an hour, but still!

I'll be comatose in the corner if you need me.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    One kid is pretty easy but the work grows exponentially with each addition. Having kids is hell. If I knew then what I know now the world's population would be a little lower. I think you have the right idea. And we don't want them raised by wolves, we want them eaten. I often wonder if it would be okay to murder them and tell God they died of natural causes???

  2. we don't want them raised by wolves, we want them eaten

    You're nutty, you know that? lol

  3. I pretty much waited until my kids were big enough to feed themselves and ignore me on a regular basis before I embarked on a writing career. :)
    A.K.A. Teenagers!

    Having two versus one helped when they were smaller. They played togther, entertained themselves, and left me alone for as much as five minutes at a time.
    Then again...five minutes was plenty of time for the little monsters to create perpetual chaos together...
    Perhaps the "raised by wolves" plan has merit...


  4. I have no idea how people do it. I couldn't. I tried for two months and utterly failed. I didn't write when my own kids were little. I waited until they could take care of themselves a bit. Now that the foster ones are gone, I am ready to write and won't ever ask little ones into my home again.

  5. it's easier when they're your own kids. You teach them to be independent...to know that they have their time and mommy has hers and only to disturb mommy if and only if there is blood, bone, or fire. They learn very quickly to sort things out on their own.

  6. I am so not cut out to be a mother either. I'm eternally impressed by those who can do it.

    I love being an aunt...you get to play with them and spoil them but then at the end of the night (or the visit) they GO AWAY. It's lovely.

  7. I loved this post! So cute! I can just imagine her from the pics I've seen! I've been an aunt since I was two years old, so motherhood came more natural than I'd imagined it would. Yes, they are very time consuming! Exactly why I don't have more written!! But ahhh well. They'll only be little once. ;)

  8. I have no idea! A friend of mine is a single mother of a four year old, works full time as a high school teacher and still manages to find time to write!

    Sheesh! I'm flat out like a lizard drinking just trying to work and write!