Friday, September 29, 2006

Get this breakout author NOW!

You may not have heard of Eden Bradley yet, but you will. She's about to be launched by Bantam Dell and Berkley as one of the hottest erotica authors to hit the scenes. But Isle of Desire is your chance to sneek a peek at her lush, evocative writing without waiting for those other books to come out in '07.

Isle of Desire by Eden Bradley

Is it really possible to fulfill the fantasy of a promise made in the passion of youth? On a beach on the small Venezuelan island of Isla de Margarita, Isabel Asher meets once more the love of her life, Rafael Cruz, the man she left behind twelve years earlier. Desire ignites, but can the sultry tropical nights spent in his bed lead them back to love? She’s about to find out, and maybe to have her heart broken in the process.

Available September 29th from


  1. HI! I found your site via Chesapeake Romance writers which Im also a member. I write paranormal romance and have a website and blog if you would like to see. Id like to talk at some point, a writer always needs wrter friends. =)

    Heidi Dahlquist

  2. Don't you just love the cover they did on this one?

  3. K-you totally rock! Thanks so much for blogging about me, and for all those lovely lies you told-I'll send you that twenty tomorrow...;)
    Jenna-I love my cover for Isle of Desire! Croco at Croco Designs did it-I love her work.

  4. I do not like erotica, but I'll be reading Eden reguardless. Wonderful writer.