Saturday, February 09, 2008


Things my kittens are good at: Having their picture taken.


Helping in the office.
What are your cats good at? Share!


  1. When I had cats, they were kee-razy inbred blue Abyssinians, so they were mostly good at things like staring off into space and making strange warbling noises like they were communicating with aliens. Or doing time trials around the living room for no reason. Or imperiously poking you with one paw when they wanted to be pet, and then scooching just to the edge of your arm's reach to avoid being actually picked up and held.

    I miss them.

  2. That was too funny, Kristen.

    Mine never falls into the bathtub and freak in the hopes of getting a drink and then never repeats the same mistake again the next day.

    That's what my Sammy never does.

  3. Sleeping. Often.

    We do have the Bookends though. Black cats who are owned by my children. Each has their own bookend and it is amazing how attached they are to their human.

    Cats are hysterical.

  4. My cat is good at sleeping, eating, losing her favorite toys, opening doors (which my husband taught her and now he wonders why she wakes him up in the middle of the night), and cuddling up on my chest while I'm trying to read. Oh, and she's also good at barking at the birds on my feeder.

    Yes, I have a cat that barks. Shhh. If the other cats find out, they may kick her out of cat-dom.

  5. Precious, precious, precious!!!! I want to come play with your kitty cats! = )

    My kitty Buckley (RIP) used to love to de-pot plants and run them all over the apartment.

  6. Tag. . .you're it. Hope this comes through. Enjoyed your blog site and your cat is adorable.