Friday, February 08, 2008

Project Pile Drivin' Glamazon

I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when Project Runway was back on. And by we, I mean me. Whatever. I love this show! Here's my take on Wednesday's episode, where the designers had to create an wrestling costume for some chicks from the WWE. The idea was they could wear them in the ring. Or at their second job, working the pole at the Crazy Horse. Kidding! I kid. It's what I do. Let's discuss, shall we? This was the winner, and I think rightly so. I adore that hoodie! You can't really make it out in the photo but the black fabric parts are glittery and look really awesome. My only beef with this outfit is in order to wear those shorts, you'd basically need a Brazilian wax. Ouch! But I'd totally rock that hoodie. Totally. I covet it, actually. Nice job, Chris! I think you're my favorite designer right now.

This is Jillian's design and it made top three, which I thought was fair. It's really a sharp take on the whole tomboy idea with the sport-inspired stripes and gym shorts. Hate the white knee socks with the patent heels. Um...gross.
This was Christian's, if you couldn't tell. On a personal note, he really needs to find a new word beside fierce. We get it. You're fierce. Your designs are fierce. You have fierce friends. What are you? A lion tamer? Anyway, this outfit was just okay for me, despite the top three placement. But then, when you see the bottom three, I think you'll know why...
Okay. First impression? Rosie Perez in a bad (were there good ones?) Paula Abdul video. This got Mr. Weepy Hat Boy sent home. Hallelujah! I'm so over his pitiful designs. If this challenge had been Design Hootchie Swimwear, he might have won. (No, probably not.)
Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea. I think you've got a potential career at Frederick's of Hollywood. While this outfit has some cuteness, it didn't fulfill the client's wishes and ultimately reminded me of those cream cheese angel commercials. I don't think clothes that remind you of cream cheese are good things. Anyone have a bagel?
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Rami took a swing and miss this week with this barftastic pink puddle of vomit. Look at this girl. Could she be any fitter? Probably not. And yet, this outfit makes her look hippy. For a guy who drapes and dresses women so beautifully, this was a complete disaster. He's lucky this didn't send him home.
Very clear winners and losers this week, in my mind. Here's hoping next week they ditch the shock-value challenges and design something real. Like dresses. Remember dresses? Those long pretty things women wear? Might want to look into that, Project Runway, 'cuz last time I checked, Donna Karan wasn't making her money off wrestling outfits.


  1. I'm so glad they brought Chris back. I really like his designs. Although, I'm not sure anyone could wrestle in those shorts, Brazilian wax or not. ;o)

    What I covet is Chris's prom dress. It looked more like an evening dress, and I loved it. Now, if I only had somewhere to wear an evening dress.

  2. OMG, I cannot believe I know what and WHO you're talking about. Apparently I have crawled out from under my rock.

  3. Yeah, I didn't like the top three until I saw the bottom three. LOL

  4. The winner was well deserved to take the position. The hoodie is quite amazing.

  5. Agree totally with the winner, though she just may get a draft in the mid section! The hood lends a dimension of suspence and peek-a-boo to her obvious 10.

  6. I so want that first outfit! That is definitely hot gear!

  7. You are so funny!
    I don't watch Project Runway...because I don't have to.
    It's better to see the run down on your blog. :):)

    "barftastic pink vomit" hahahaha
    Oh, and I know why you liked the winner with the hoodie.
    Duh, Leopard. :)