Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday To Do's

The list of things to do this week isn't any longer or stranger than any other week, and yet, it seems just as daunting.

1. Make hummus - I love hummus and I try to keep it on hand for veggie wraps and quick snacks. I don't always make my own, but it is cheaper and since I have a pot of chick peas soaking, I kind of have to now. (It's super easy to make tho.)
2. Write 40 pages in new YA proposal - this is the big one. I'm really focused on getting a big chunk of this done this week to keep myself on target to finish this proposal as soon as I can.
3. Prepare Rejection workshop - I think I'm giving this talk on March 13th, so I need to gather my thoughts now.
4. Some chapter stuff.
5. Some Romance Divas stuff.
6. Some crits for CPs.
7. Some housecleaning stuff.
8. Some laundry stuff.
9. Help Hotrod move a few things out of storage so we can cancel the storage and not get charged another month. (I'm soooooo not looking forward to this. I don't like anything that potentially involves spiders.)

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I'm listing. What's on your list?


  1. You're busy! :)

    I need to finish gathering tax info and turn it into the accountant, take stuff to the goodwill (it's piling up in my garage), work on some chapter stuff, promo stuff (book coming out next week), write, clean...the usual. :)

  2. Big list Kristen. Good luck. I don't even want to begin writing a list for this week. I'll just stay in denial, thank-you-very-much!

  3. Hummus is so good! We love it here, when I make it, it's GONE in one day.

    Go proposal!

  4. I love to have hummus on hand, too. Only you're better than me. I use canned chick peas.
    But I make a roasted red pepper one that is a lot smoother than plain hummus. Yum!

  5. list looks a lot like your list. :)
    Only add start digging up tax stuff.
    Oh...and I'm adding Hummus to my list. :) Yum. Thanks.

  6. I hate lists. I never do what's on them because I'm too easily distracted. I'm with Kwana and will stay in denial.