Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Outrage

Last night on Project Runway, the final four were narrowed down to the final three. Actually, it was just between Rami and Chris, to see which of them would move on to Bryant Park.

They each got to show their three strongest pieces and I'd love to show you the normally great pics of those pieces, but whoever was in charge of getting the pics did a crappy job and they're really not worth showing. You can see them here to understand what I mean. But as Tim Gunn would say, I'm making it work.
If you want to see better pics and see their whole collection, you can go here. Be warned, though, this is going to be a spoiler because it contains the final collections for Christian, Jillian and Rami too. (And oddly enough Sweet Pea. I'm not sure why.)
If you haven't watched last night's PR and don't want to know the outcome, stop reading now. Otherwise, carry on...

Rami got picked. Chris is out.

What the...??? Okay, maybe the idea of using human hair as a trim on clothes is a little out there and slightly icky, but then, people have this stuff sewn onto their heads, why not their clothes? And honestly, Chris's collection was Turned Out. The sheer black lace dress was a masterpiece. The skirt of black safety pins? Utter genius. Elegance with a punk edge. His stuff was really on point. Interesting materials, out of the box thinking, beautifully crafted. Just all around cool.

Rami, on the other hand, showed a coat that made his model look like the Sta Puft Marshmellow man, an evening gown that had extra emphasis on the hips (who doesn't look for that in a fancy ball gown?) and one really lovely draped dress. Shock and awe, he can drape! Oh wait. We knew that.
*long suffering sigh* The final competition is going to come down to Christian and Jillian anyway, so no real shock there. Both of them will show an extraordinary amount of coats and jackets. Having seen the collections, I'm going to ensconce myself firmly in Camp Jillian. Some of Christian's stuff is too costumey for me (although he seems to have edited out the feather pants Tim Gunn commented on.)

Ah well. Next week, we'll know who the real queen of the catwalk is.


  1. I know, right? How disgusted was I? I mean, sure, the hair had a little squick factor to it, but Chris's designs were dyn-o-mite! Rami's model who wore the coat looked like she couldn't move. It swallowed her and made it look like her head had been shrunk.

    I was just absolutely disgusted.

  2. okay, looked at all the pics...and can I just say, I am still in Camp Chris.


    And Christian took out the feather pants (which I thought was sheer genius) but left in the giant feather duster dress????

  3. I don't know what the judges are thinking sometimes. Ugh!

  4. Oh, Kristen. We were seperated at birth. I was so mad. It will be a long time before I'm over this. Chris should have been in.

    I agree, what was with the horrid photos on their site? It's funny we both used the picture of Chris in the crown! Loved it.

    for a laugh check out Davis Dust's take on it.

  5. I adore that lace dress. It's flipping gorgeous.

  6. My husband heard me shouting and came running, thinking I'd dislocated my shoulder again :) I wasn't injured; I was outraged. I *heart* Chris's designs. They were a thousand times better than Rami's. Grrrrr!!!!!

    Yet another reality TV show that's made me MAD.

  7. What is the ick about human hair? When it's on someone's head, we'll happily touch it, play with it, even kiss it. But the second it's an unattached free agent, we're all "Yikes, it's HAIR" like it's undergone some sort of molecular shift and is no longer the same stuff we have ON OUR OWN head.

    Sorry. It's just, this has puzzled me for a while.

  8. I totally HATED Rami's coat. I don't know what the judges were thinking.