Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And The List Gets Longer

I thought I did pretty good knocking items off my To Do list of things that need doing before we leave for Hawaii, however as I look at the revised list this morning, it's longer by about four items. Wait. Five. I just added one I forgot.

How is it that I have so much left to do in two days? I didn't even manage to get my mani/pedi yesterday because there was a 45 minute wait and there was no way I was sitting in one spot for that long while I had other things to do. So that had to go back on the list.

Is it wrong that one of the things on my list is to make another list (items to pack so nothing is forgotten)? Are you a list maker?


  1. I would offer to help you with your lists, but seeing that you aren't into my bohemian lifestyle and have forced me to shave...I will just have to wait to see you when you return to make sure you get a good look! :P

    Sigh, I need a mani/pedi bad!

  2. I'm going for my mani-pedi on Monday which I consider a spring ritual.

    I'm anti-list and only do them kicking and screaming.

  3. I do need a list most of the time. Especially before I leave on a trip. If I didn't write down everything I needed to do, I'd surely forget something.

    Most of the time I do forget at least one thing. and with a list even! Oh well. :)

    I'm so very jealous you're going to Hawaii...

  4. I hate when lists grow!

  5. I should be.. But, I'm not. Have fun in Hawaii!

  6. I am a list maker and it's sometimes scary. I need to make my list for the NEC conference this weekend which means making a list for me and for my DH and what he has to handle while I'm away. Have fun in Hawaii! Take lots of pictures.

    Loved Hells Kitchen last night and I knew Gordon would kick that girl off. He had to.

  7. You're going to Hawaii? Heck I'd settle for just the mani/pedi. But Hawaii sounds FABULOUS too. Have fun!

  8. Lists are your friend. :)
    No. It's not wrong to have an item on your list be to make another list.
    It's called organization. :)

  9. I hate lists!!!! But sadly if I ever want to remember to do anything (including breathe) then I need to have them! Ack!

  10. Let me guess . . . your an oldest child aren't you?