Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Hawaii Pics

Some of the random critters I saw while in Hawaii: The mongoose: brought in to help with the rat problem, unfortunately, the rats are noctural. The mongoose are not. I saw a mother playing with her two babies - verra cute. This one is eating some french onion Sun chips thrown from our balcony. When he finished these, he looked up at me as if to ask for more.
The goat: These guys were all over one of the mountain side golf courses. This one had three friends with him, but they were a bit more camera shy.

The chickens: This happy couple was hanging out at one of the farmer's markets. She was digging in that pot like a cat in a litter box. Very determined, too.
The sealife: I have pics of the whales we saw, but they're on the underwater camera and I haven't downloaded them yet. This is a school of fish seen from a lava cliff.
The bugs: This baby praying mantis was on the seat of the golf cart. I helped him into the grass. He could have easily fit on a dime.
The turkey: Was it wrong that my mouth watered a little? Saw him on another mountain golf course, along with...
The peacock: There were tons of these! Male and female and very aggressive. They actually chased us! Unfortunately, we had no snacks for them, which is what they were after. And boy, are they loud when they want to be. Very pretty, huh?

The gecko: For the record, he did nothing to lower my car insurance.


  1. Lousy gecko. ;)

    Peacocks are SOOOO loud. And aggressive. When I was growing up our neighbors had some and they drove us nuts!

    And I'm still incredibly jealous that you were in Hawaii. Sigh...

  2. Great pics. I was born in Hawaii. Hoping to make it back sometime soon. Actually, I'd love to move there and make enough money to write and live on the beach. Heaven.

  3. me want peacock piccie. Beautiful.

    Okay, and the goat is cool.

  4. These are hilarious! Love the comments, as well. Who'd a thunk there would be a turkey in Hawaii? I guess even turkeys need vacations, eh?

  5. I have to say, I hate peacocks. They're pretty enough, from a distance, but up close they're nearly as filthy as they are loud. Ugh! Love the gecko, though...

  6. Love the pics! I can't belive the pretty peacocks chased you. Eek!

  7. Wow that peacock had quite the fan tail.

    Lovely pictures I enjoyed everyone.

  8. The pictures are terrific and I want to someday go to Hawaii.

    Yesterday I was driving to the doctor and saw a peacock on the side of the road (it was alive and well). It was the first time I've seen one outside of a zoo. A very exciting moment.