Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spa Day Emergency

If you woke up looking like this, you'd need a spa day too. Not that I look quite like this in the AM, but I'm headed to the spa today anyway. The spa is about 50 yards from the ocean. Hotrod is getting a little something done, too, but I'm in for 3 treatments in total, including a massage. Just thinking about it makes me purr.

For those of you playing along with the home game, this isn't one of my kittens. This sweet face belongs to Natasha, who owns another writer friend of mine (Carrie) - and if that pic doesn't make you giggle, you might want to check your pulse.


  1. Love that photo. Have fun at the spaaaaaaaa!

  2. I'm so jealous. My two favorite things in the world is 1. Spa-ing 2. Sex

    'Nuff said.

  3. Do you feel awesome today, all buffed and polished?