Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Need Your Opinion!

I'm still feeling icky, but blog I must because today is my day over at my new YA writers group blog, The Fictionistas. Stop by and tell me what you think about men in eyeliner: http://fictionistas.blogspot.com/2008/04/guyliner-hot-or-not.html

I'd love it if you would add the Fictionista's blog to your links list too! I know, I ask so much...but I'm sick and it would really make me feel better. *insert appropriate guilt trip here*



  1. Well, if it'll make you feel better...*heaves long-suffering sigh*

    No, seriously, the site looks fab! Very cute, and lots going on. I'm off to link now.

  2. :hugs: Feel better soon.

    I love the new blog. I don't write YA, but it looks like you guys have some good things to say to benefit all writers. Link added (and not even out of sympathy for your sickness either) and I'll post about it shortly. =oD

  3. Guilt trip working. Will add right away. Feel better Dearie.