Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insane In The Membrane?

David Blaine is all set to perform his next act of freaky magic on Oprah today. I'm not sure what he's been doing lately is really magic so much as it's a feat of endurance. Frozen in ice, submerged in water, standing on a pole...these aren't magic acts. Instead, they push the limits of human endurance, challenging the mind and the body. And high levels of freakiness. (He looks rather odd to me, too.)

Of course, the question for me has always been why? It's a tough way to garner fame. I don't know what his stunt today will be, but I'll probably watch it. Mostly to see if something goes wrong. Morbid curiosity - I freely admit to having it in spades.

What do you think of David Blaine and his bizarre acts? Will you watch today?


  1. I will watch today. But because I have a not so secret crush on crazy David Blaine. It's those freaky dark eyes and no talking. But I don't like the endurance things. I like it when he does the street magic. I love that stuff.

  2. Kristen did you watch? I just did. It was good.

  3. I'm watching it right now. I already know what happens, kinda, (thanks perez hilton).

    When David Blane was buried alive in NYC, I went and watched him get "unburied". It was pretty cool and I got to see Donald Trump and his hair in person.