Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zoo Fun!

Today we're headed to the Brevard Zoo! I know you're all riveted by this news. The Brevard Zoo is small but tons of fun - you can feed the giraffes, take a kayaking trip, or play in the waterpark.

I love the zoo probably as much or more than the kids. I could sit and watch the leopards for hours. Are you a zoo person? What's your favorite animal?


  1. I like zoos but I haven't been to one since my daughter was small. The most memorable part of that day was watching the keepers feed the polar bears. We asked, and breakfast was comprised of formed frozen fish treats, but I swear it looked like they were throwing bagels at the bears.

    I wonder what kind of schmear they like. ;o)

  2. Zoos are okay, but my kiddos love them! That's not the one in Tampa, right? We've been to that one a few times.

  3. I'm not the biggest zoo person but I can take it in small doses. I love the Centrl Park zoo.

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I'm totally a zoo person. Unfortunately I don't live close to one, so I haven't been in years. I remember my trip to the Toronto zoo, oh geez, I did the math and it was twenty years ago {:0 It was during Madonna's Blond Ambition tour and I was going to the concert with my mom and sister. Beforehand we went to the zoo. Amazing doesn't begin to describe it. The lions were roaring up a storm and the sound was the coolest thing I'd ever heard. LOL, another thing I remember is that there seemed to be a Mickey D's stand every five minutes, no matter where in the zoo you walked.

  5. I LOVE going to the zoo, too. We have a pretty good one near us for not being a "city" zoo.
    I love to see the lions and the giraffes.

  6. I love the Brevard Zoo. Not exactly my favorite place in the height of summer, but in the spring, fall and winter, I LOVE it. There are some monkeys (I think they were the spider monkeys?) and a while back, one of them reached out of the cage while I was looking at it, and I reached out, and we held hands. I'll never forget that. :)

  7. We went to the Brevard Zoo two weeks ago. Great little zoo.
    I love zoos. My daughter is a zookeeper in FL. It's her dream job.

    Joy Delgado