Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Off!

I'm headed for Atlanta, with my real pillow packed (thanks to Mel's suggestion) and good thoughts for a great walk.

See you with stories and pics when I get back! Although you can check the Knight Agency blog during the walk. I'm not sure but Deidre might post once from her blackberry.

A few other tidbits:

1. Bella, if you're reading this, I've emailed you but still haven't heard which book you want or what your address is.

2. Congrats to my brother and his wife, for making me an aunt again! Little Reese was born late Tuesday night. I'll share a picture of her when I get back. (Assuming they've sent me one by then.)

3. There's about to be a new addition to the Painter family as well - and no I'm not pregnant. I hope to have pics of him for you next week too. He's a cutie!

4. Thanks to Lara Santiago for the ride to the airport.


  1. Have a great time! We'll miss you...

  2. No problem. I enjoyed the trip to the airport.
    I like your Expedition.
    It's fun to drive.
    It's fun to drive fast.
    Did you know it can go faster than 120 mph? Kidding! It's all safe and sound back home.
    Oh and Scooter says, "Growl-Meow." Or maybe that was his tummy? Hard to tell with the panther beast.
    Thanks a lot for the edamame! Delish.

  3. Good luck on the walk!

    And Congrats on the new family member! Yay!

  4. Have fun at atlanta! Congrats on BOTH new additions

  5. Have a wonderful and save trip, Kristen!