Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rock On!

This just makes me laugh.

In other news, I'm prepping to leave for the 3 Day Cancer Walk. Much to do and unfortunately, it doesn't really include writing. I want to write. There's just so much going on I'm not really getting the time at the keyboard I'd like.

How's your writing going?


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I know that video is hilarious }:)

    I'm knee-deep in revisions right now with more revisions to follow, but it's cool to see the way the story is morphing.

  2. writing is like pulling teeth right now. but i am moving forward...even if it's slow.

  3. Well, I just so happened to blog about that very thing today. All I can say is it's painful.

  4. HAHAH! I love that kitty

  5. What a great image! LOL.

    The cancer walk is a worthy cause -- good for you.

    My writing? Off and on fruitful. :)

  6. That video is so cute! And thanks to Miss Shelli Stevens my writing is going absolutely fabulous!