Sunday, October 15, 2006

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma...we've all heard the hero "types". Let's look at them in way that makes them easier to understand:


Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan (actor Eric Dane) is about as Alpha as you can get. He's a lover and a fighter, full of machismo and swagger. A bad boy with a bad attitude and sex appeal you can't deny. There's a mystery about him. (Why would a guy sleep with his best friend's wife?) He seems wounded and in need of fixing, if only he could find the right woman. When it comes to work, he's the boss. His rules apply because he demands perfection. He is not the boy next door, which is why you shouldn't expect him to be there when you wake up in the morning.


Dr. George O'Malley (actor T.K. Knight) perfects the Beta hero. He's everyone's best friend. He's sweet, sensitive, not afraid to show his emotions - or confess them, regardless of the outcome. There's a bit of the underdog in him - we root for him to get the girl and feel his pain when he doesn't. Although he doesn't seek out confrontation, when pushed (enough) on a subject that means something to him, he'll eventually rise to the fight and defend what he believes in without even the slightest hint of arrogance. He is definitely the boy next door and the kind of guy who will always be there for you.


Surprised Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (actor Patrick Dempsey) is the Gamma? You shouldn't be. He combines some of the best elements of the Alpha and the Beta. He falls into the role of best friend easily, displaying his overload of charm, but confront him with a situation that requires action and you'll see his Alpha side come spilling out. He is strong and vunerable...probably the only thing he can't handle is the heroine. McDreamy might be the boy next door, but only if you're living in a romance novel or television show.

So...who's your favorite hero?


  1. It's not George. *shudder* He's the gay best friend as far as I'm concerned. I wanna hang out with him, I don't wanna sleep with him.

    In fantasy, I'm an Alpha girl all the way. In reality, I'm a Gamma. Two alphas does not a happy family make. And since I'm way alpha, I need a man to balance me...Go Gamma!

    I do love me some McSteamy though. Purrrrrr.

  2. I only get to pick one?
    I'm picking McDreamy.
    My second choice is McSteamy!
    Gotta love the Alpha hero.

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    In fiction it's definitely the Alpha hero :)

    I agree with Mel on McSteamy }:)

  4. I lurve all of them. Dreamy, steamy and sweet.

    Oh, I just put some Links up of my dd's homecoming pix. Get thee to a nunnery child! That's all I have to say.

  5. McDreamy all the way! McSteamy's nice to look at, but what an *ss. He showed his true colors this week, I think, and though he's pretty, I'd pretty much want to spend my time smacking him. And not in a fun way. I would love to have George on my side, though. He's a great best friend and might even be a little bit gamma with the right girl.

    Is it Thursday yet?? I think I need a fix.


  6. I'm definitely an Alpha girl. Yup.

  7. Love this post!

    Do I really have to pick just one? Of these three, McDreamy, although I would actually prefer to pick either Finn (although Meredith dumped him on Thursday) or Burke...but you didn't mention either of them.

    Can't stand McSteamy. LOVE LOVE LOVE George. He's so adorable in a puppy dog boy-next-door way, but I wouldn't fantasize over him.

    I guess I'm a Gamma type of gal.

  8. Ooo they're all too good. I think I'm starting to like the Beta's, which is so bizarre.

  9. Great post! Okay, in fiction, I would definitely go for the alpha, but having watched the show, the only character I *truly* like and root for all the way is George. But would I want to sleep with him? Uhm, no...

  10. Dr McDreamy, well, wasn't there a rumor he almost came to blows with one of his co-stars? I love it. LOL I thought that was reserved for women casts only? :p

  11. Alex - um, I mean, Alpha.

  12. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Great post! :) I want them all...muwahahahahaha

  13. I'm usually a gamma girl, but in this case I have to choose McSteamy. I seriously have the hots for him, much to my husband's dismay.

  14. Finally someone who realizes that doctors are heroes. :-) If you want I can even tell you what specialties each hero type is most likely to be found in. You'd be surprised just how many of them meet that stereotype(to the point I can usually pick where they work even when they're in civies!!!

    Which type do I like? All of them for different reasons, but I would never take up with anyone other than a beta in real life. Gentle and loving is definitely the way to go.

  15. Just had to come back for another look...

  16. Can't help it...the Alpha guy already had me with those eyes...WHEW!

  17. mmmm still looking....