Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Writing Blog Round-Up

Why your contest scores are low.

All about book trailers.

Are you ready for representation?

My diet-induced crankiness rears it's ugly head.

On another note, I worked out twice yesterday (weights in the morning, cardio in the evening) and I am sore. However, according to the scale I'm down two pounds. I don't care if it's water weight or I've lost brain cells, I'll take it


  1. Cool!
    I love Blog Round Up. What a great idea!
    And for the record...I'm grateful you made me blog. I'm sure it was good for me. ;-)

  2. Wow! Two pounds. You're inspiring me to go exercise.

  3. Nice blog round up, Kristen! And hooray on the lb loss!

  4. Two pounds! Is this diet and exercise or just diet? I signed up for tennis today--beginning Nov. 7th I'll be playing doubles twice a week. It should take off a few pounds. Thanks for the Rachel Vater blog. It was a new one to me.