Monday, October 30, 2006

The Walk - Day Three

Okay, finally, the wrap up.

So on the second night, we didn't have the freezing temps to deal with. Because it rained. Hard. Fortunately, some nice woman (who was leaving the walk altogether) had given us a plastic drop cloth, which we'd clothespinned over the tent along with the mylar blanket in hopes of keeping ourselves dry.

It basically worked - and the mylar helped darken the tent (don't get me started about the mysterious glow). However, with the rain coming down, neither Lynne nor I were in any rush to get out of the tent. We packed up all our stuff (sleeping bags, sleeping bag mats, clothes, pillows, snacks, etc.) without getting out of the tent. The tents were supposedly 6'5" x 6'5", however I'm 5'9" and couldn't stretch out. You do the math.

When we finally emerged into the wet gloom, the landscape had changed. The sea of blue tents was leaking away as tents were being taken down. We were instructed to tear down and pack up our tent as well. Hah! I scoffed at that. I was wet, sleepy, cold and in need of caffeine. Take down the wet tent and pack it up? I think not. Some man came along and offered to do it. I told him to knock himself out and Lynne and I headed off to the gear trucks to unload our duffel bags.

We reconvened with Deidre and Janice under the main food tent with "breakfast" in hand. Deidre had been put on medical restriction and wasn't allowed to walk. The rest of us decided unanimously to hang with D and ride the bus. Best decision we ever made. After a long wait, we finally got on the tour bus and took a nice comfy ride to the lunch stop, where we sat on the bus and watched The Negotiator with Samuel L. Jackson. Great movie with some unexpected twists! I totally didn't figure out the red herring until the end.

As the day came to a close, the bus dropped us off at Piedmont Park, site of the finish line and closing ceremonies. We limped through the finish, collected our t-shirts, then soon gathered our gear and decided (Janice, Lynne and I) not to wait until the closing ceremonies were over to take the shuttle buses. Instead, we called a cab.

He dropped me off at my hotel then continued on to take the girls to their vehicles. Within 10 minutes, I had the tub filled with steaming hot water and was up to my neck. Pizza and salad soon followed. I fell asleep shortly after 8pm, happy to be in a real bed.

And so concludes the 3 Day adventures. Tomorrow we return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. Sounds like an adventures! Not one that I would like to have, but an adventure nonetheless.

    Glad to have you back!

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Wow!!! The pizza must have seemed like heaven after all of that {:0

  3. Fabulous wrap up.
    My favorite part? The math problem.
    I did the math. (You knew I would. It's why you put it in there.)
    Stretched out over your head, your arms must be more than eight inches. Next time get a tent that's at least 8 feet 5 inches and you'll have room to spare. :)

  4. I'm glad you survived! I bet that bath felt like heaven.

  5. Those tents were 6'5" square?! They seemed a LOT smaller.

    The 3-Day people did seem to have problems with accurate measurements. Remember the signs telling us that the pit stop was just a mile away? Not in Earth miles. :-)

  6. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Oh I would have moved to the pizza and salad WITHOUT the walk. hehehe

    And I guess, well, with the inconveniences you all suffered, the cause you walked for was worth it, and though it may seem like 3 days of your life, it probably means the world and a chance AT life for so many others.

    Such a small gesture? Perhaps, but one with such far reaching benefit.

    You all have great stories to tell now, and many women have more hope because of the numbers that turned out.

    I have to give a big LOL to Lynne's comment though "those tents were 6'5" square? They seemed a LOT smaller." hahaha :D

    Thanks for sharing this, Kristen.:)

  7. LOL -- Sounds like you came home with a huge store of ideas -- just think of all the input! I can just hear the descriptions for how great that bath felt! :)


  8. Anonymous3:25 AM

    OMG! I'm laughing so hard at your three day commentary, I can hardly sit up straight. Really, I'm not laughing at your pain--well, not too much. :)

    I figured you'd be okay for the walking but I didn't know you'd be camping too. Kristen, you are too funny. Congrats for what you did complete. I think next time we'll sign you up for the breast cancer shopping mall race.