Monday, November 13, 2006

How Do These Names Make You Feel?

Just give me your first gut reaction to these names:

1. Wyatt James

2. Cannon Smith

3. Jason Macarthy

4. Frankie Stormer

5. Carl Forbes

What makes a great name? Which of these guys sounds "date-able"? Like the best attorney? Like a bad boy?


  1. 1.Wyatt James- A gunslinger

    2. Cannon Smith-Cannon makes me think of someone who could shoot. Um prematurely;P

    3. Jason Macarthy- Like it. Strong and sexy.

    4. Frankie Stormer My ex was named K Storms. Plus, I could never date anyone named Frankie.

    5. Carl Forbes- Likek my Uncle Carl... tall and thin with glasses. Only rich.

    I'd go with Jason Macarthy.


  2. Of the list, Wyatt James is the strongest to me. Alpha male. Bad boy...but with a soft spot inside that the right woman would draw out. Super sexy.

    Cannon Smith reminds me of a cheesy anchorman. Like Ron Burgandy.

    Jason Macarthy is a high schooler.

    Frankie Stormer sounds like it's a made up name for a guy who wanted to be a storm trooper when he grew up.

    Carl Forbes...well, I can't hear the name Carl without seeing that skit from Mad TV...

  3. Wyatt-forget it, it will forever be a western name alla Wyatt Erp.

    Cannon Smith is a kid who got stuck with parents who wanted him to stand out from the other 4.5 million Smith's and named him Cannon. He's been in therapy for 6 years and has decided to legally change his name.

    Jason Mccarthy. Sounds like he's channeling Matthew McCaughnahay...however you spell his name. All American hottie with a brilliant smile.

    Frankie Stormer? No. Comic book hero.

    Carl Forbes is forever FORBES as in $$$.

    Disclaimer: I've been up all night with sick kids.

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    The Wyatt James name speaks loudest to me too. I agree with Mel's reasons :)

  5. All of 'em sound like cutesy stuck on themeself guys except Jason MaCarthy. That's ones strong and makes me think of a handsome guy.

  6. Anonymous12:30 PM

    1. Wyatt James - Cute maverick -- bullheaded. (getting visual of grown-up bad-boy Wyatt from Charmed)

    2. Cannon Smith - Jerk.

    3. Jason Macarthy - Decent guy who looks equally good in a suit or jeans.

    4. Frankie Stormer - Uh, no.

    5. Carl Forbes - Powermonger.

    I made it a point to write mine before I looked at the other responses. Funny how we all kind of get the same feelings. :D

  7. Really interesting! The reactions are pretty close - that's what I was most interested to see.

  8. 1.Wyatt James- western guy, probably the sherriff

    2. Cannon Smith-just sounds like a jerk boss with lots of money and wandering hands

    3. Jason Macarthy- reminds me of that young boy singer..hmmm, Jessie McCarthy? Right? Cute and nice.

    4. Frankie Stormer - maybe a CIA agent, or possibly a bad name for a weatherman

    5. Carl Forbes- Fat and round with wire rims, a real thinker. I think it reminds me of something from Jimmy Neutron.

    Best attorney name of the bunch? Ummmm, maybe Carl Forbes. Best hero, Jason Macarthy.

  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest Cane Macarthy. I do like Forbes for "power" though.

  10. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Am I too late to play? :)

    1. Wyatt James - western, I immediately thought of Wyatt Earp. However, I love the name James (my DH's name)

    2. Cannon Smith - Uh, sounds young and a bit new age to me. But may be something that 20-somethings relate to. It seems that many of the later baby boomers wanted to get creative with names.

    3. Jason Macarthy - I like this. The name Jason is strong and sexy. The only problem with Macarthy is that most people will think you spelled it wrong - MacCarthy if Irish background, McCarthy if Scottish background.

    4. Frankie Stormer - Definitely not. Sounds like a gay dancer to me. Not the romance type for women.

    5. Carl Forbes - I immediately think rich, wallstreet type -- extreme family pedigree of wealth. Thinking of the Forbes 100 best companies or top 500.

    Are you planning another book and looking for hero names?

  11. Jason McCarthy gets my top vote, though I love the name Cannon.