Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Day!

Have you voted yet? I'm going this afternoon. Get out there and be heard!


  1. OMG it's almost over! Amen. Stop the insannity! Did I spell that right? :) Why doesn't blogger comments come with a spell check?

    I sent my absentee in, but I doubt my signature matches. I always sign like I'm on crack. I have the worst handwriting.

  2. I'll just be thankful all the commercials, mail and phone calls will stop. I have never been more bombarded than I've been this voting year. It's enough to make me NOT want to vote.

    But I'm gonna, I'm gonna...


  3. I vote this morning. Got there at 7:30. Got out around 8:15.

    Now for the returns...

  4. OH yes, I did.
    All the referendums that I voted on went the way I voted so that was good. My Gal didn't get in for Gov. and I'm not surprised, but I'm glad I voiced my vote.

    I hope all our choices are they best that can be based on what little they give us at times ....
    sometimes it's so frustrating!

  5. I have seen the light!

    Yeah, rhino's horn is good for the libido, but pumpkin seeds are better for the prostate.

    Arrrrg, you know I find these things addictive!