Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stuff You Didn't Really Want To Know

My herb garden is doing really well. I say garden lightly - it's a window box insert (sitting on the pool patio) filled with cilantro, Thai basil and regular basil. I love cilantro, regular basil and Thai food, but I'm not sure what to do with the Thai basil. I'm going to stir fry tonight, maybe I'll throw some in there.

I made chili last night. A huge freakin' pot of it. I think I'll freeze some. I get very excited about food like that when the weather gets cool here (think 50's) but when it gets close to or into the 80's during the day, very hard to think about eating chili.

I'm pushing to finish my WIP this week. I have to. It's driving me nuts being so close to finishing - I just want to type "The End", you know? Plus with the holidays coming up and all that means, there will be so much other stuff to do! And I don't want to write while we on vaca in Hawaii. Edit yes, read YES, write no.

I'm drinking peach Crystal Light. Man, this stuff is good!


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Your garden beats my garden hands-down. Mine's rocks and weeds, just like my lawn.

    Crossing fingers for your "The End"...

  2. I'm envious. All my herbs died over a month ago with the first frost. Except mint, that's still alive, so don't worry-we can still make mojitos!

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Mmmmm...chili :)

  4. Peach Crystal Light is a fav around here:)