Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Back!

Hotrod and I returned home late last night to a cat hair laden home, but thanks to the dedicated efforts of Lara Santiago, none of the little beasties were any worse for wear.

I love spending time with my parents. It's a very relaxed atmosphere filled with great food, good natured ribbing and down time. The only unrelaxed part was when I borrowed my mother's BMW to return a movie - driving a car that cost more than the GNP of a small, foreign nation intimdates me. This car was especially ordered for her and took nearly three months to be built and delivered from Germany. And while I know that sounds excessive, it's probably one of the most surprising things my mother has ever agreed to. My brother and I firmly believed it was high time she did something like this for herself.

On another even more amazing note, I managed to write 11 pages while away. This gives me just 29 more to go before the first draft of my WIP is done! You'll hear the hallelujah choir when that glad day finally arrives. I'm hoping to type The End on Thursday, so keep your ears open.

A quick get well wish to a friend of mine, Carolyn O. Apparently, her Thanksgiving vaca ended with a fractured wrist and broken jaw. I know the crowds on Black Friday can be insane, but body checking is completely uncalled for if you ask me. Hugs and prayers to you, Carolyn! Get well soon!


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Welcome back :)

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Ooh, nice car. One of these days, I'm going to do something like that for myself. (Yeah, that BMW will look right at home in front of the farmhouse, with cat tracks and bird poo all over it...)

    Welcome home!

  3. Thank god it wasn't an American one. I had a German Benz (so sad it couldn't fit 7 kids) and that car ran like a dream. Sigh. I'm not a car freak, but that car was the bomb. I can't wait until I have fewer car seats.

    What movie did you watch?

  4. Congrats on being so close to finishing, Kristen. It feels good. (says someone who only has four chapters on the book that would not be finished!)

  5. Welcome home, Kristen! Glad you had a nice vacation.

    And good for your mom! I think that's very cool.

  6. I'm so glad you're back!
    I didn't know where you kept your vacuum or I might have cleared a path for you. :):)
    The little beasties were pretty good to Aunt Lara. Tell them I appreciate it.

  7. Hugs to your friend! What a way to spend the holidays.

    Go Go Go on your NaNo!

    What model was the car? Dh is a BMW fan and I've built half a story around a steel gray convertible 6 series.

  8. Anonymous4:23 AM

    29 pages to done. I'm waiting for that Hallelujah Chrous. My second most favorite part of Handel's Messiah. Should I be perking my ears at about noon Pacific Time tomorrow?