Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adventures in Spray Tanning

I'm back from being spray tanned! Here's how it went down.

I showed up, sans make-up, lotion, deodorant, etc. wearing loose clothes. The woman doing the spraying took me back to the room, told me to wear whatever I wanted (I went with an old pair of bikini bottoms), put my hair up in the shower cap that she gave me and that she'd be right back.
A few minutes later she returned, had me stand on a towl in the middle of the floor, flipped on the machine and started spraying me. I think I screamed a little. It was SO much colder than I thought it would be! After a thorough spraying in various postions to get a nice even cover, she had me take a deep breath, close my eyes and mouth with my lips kind of rolled in and she sprayed my face. She repeated that, did a few touch ups, then handed me a hair dryer to blow dry myself until I was as dry as I was comfortable with. (The tanning solution contains sugar and aloe, so there's a perpetual stickiness that doesn't go away until you shower.)
I dried off, gingerly put my clothes back on, then it was Lara's turn. She handled the cold much better than I did. Apparently, I'm a wuss.
So, here I sit in my sarong (worn as a strapless dress) and little else. I have to wait a minimum of 8 hours before I shower, but I'm probably going to wait until tomorrow morning. There's a bronzer in the spray, so you see immediate results, but supposedly I'll continue getting darker all day.
So far, so good. Would I do it again? As of this moment, yes.


  1. Sounds...(you know it's coming) Ba dum bump. Glad it went well for you and Lara the Ghost Girl. How long is it supposed to last?

  2. You are one brave woman

  3. Yeah, what Sela said, how long does it last? Cost? And I'm guessing by only mentioning the bottoms you went sans top? Talk about your ice issues lol.

    I'm still not sure if I could do it! I mean, I enjoy my glow in the dark features haha.

  4. Sounds like it went great! I admit, I've wanted to try it, but go for the sunless tanner instead. Maybe I'll give it a try!


  5. Screamed a little???
    I heard you shreiking from the front of the salon!! LOL
    I almost bolted down the hallway to save you until I heard you laugh next. :)

    I thought spray tanning was painless and wonderful. I'll admit that once I knew the cold was was easier to be brave and not make any noise. :):)
    That's what you get for going first.

    5 hours afterwards I think I look sun kissed. Which is better than my worst fear of being an Oompa Loompa.

    I like spray tanning. At this point I'd do it again, too.
    I'm going to wait until tomorrow to shower too. Which means I'm sleeping on a towel tonight.

    Lara...the writer formerly known as Pasty-Faced Ghost Girl. :)

  6. Sela - It's supposed to last 7 - 10 days. I'm guessing it won't last that long, but we'll see.

    Sara - If they'd sprayed me down with spiders, that would make me brave. This just makes me willing to indulge my vanity.

    Haven - It cost $30. Not bad, I thought.

    Paige - It's definitely worth trying and SO much easier than applying self-tanner on your own.

    Lara - Hush it, woman.

  7. I could do this - I don't like applying self tanner everywhere, it's so hard! And the price isn't bad at all.

    You'll have to keep us posted as to how long it actually lasted. ;)

  8. You know, my kids do a free version of this all the time, but their mean mum makes them wash it off. You lost me at sticky. I don't do sticky. ewww! It's all right to be all white. :-)

  9. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I'm glad it went well :)

  10. Oh, you're bringing back the spray tan memories for me! It's such an ordeal, but definitely worth it though.

  11. All very interesting! Who knew? Well, all of you did of course.