Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Caption Contest!

I haven't done a caption contest in forever, so I thought it was time. The best caption for this photo will win this book:

Contest ends Saturday, April 14th at 10am, so get your captions in!


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    "Grrrr. I said Cat in the HAT!"

    "I've heard of downsizing but this is ridiculous!!!"

  2. "I really need a bigger litter box."

  3. "She intends to set me afloat in this???"

    "Out Of The Box!I got to get Out Of The Box!

  4. "Really, I'm as cute as a button, not a box."

    "Ship me to Paris now. My fans are waiting."

  5. If I only had wings!

    Love Scooter's pic. I have his twin, Safflower.:)

    Great blog, Kristen! Thanks for posting the link. I've bookmarked it to explore it further. :)

    Hugs, Nancy

  6. "How do you like my new shoe?"

    "What box? I'm not sitting in a box."

    "At least I didn't eat ribbon this time." :):)

    I love your cats. They're so funny!

  7. So don't tell me you never cheated on your diet.

    Who shrunk my box!

    If you can fit into those jeans, I can fit into this box!

    If I look pathetic enough will you get me a bigger box?

    Get the camera, you know I'm cute.

  8. YESTERDAY I was a cat. Today I'm a boxer. Oh the shame!

    I thought the beaded stilettos came WITH the box.

    You said it would be sardine city in here if I got in....

    Spare the Rod and box the child

    You're 'sposed to send me to the CORNER for time out..

    Well I WOULD get out if I could

    Don't 'honey I shrunk the box' me!

  9. "I said put the lotion in the box you moron. Not me!"

  10. Yes, I realize that I'm the cat's meow, but sometimes I feel like life is just ....boxing me in!

  11. Gack! There is no way I'm fitting an owl in here, much less your guitar, birdbrain. Go take your pussy my love elsewhere!

    You know I'm addicted to this caption thing, right? You are seriously cutting into my writing time while my mind bounces on the image. Ugh, I'm so undisciplined!