Monday, April 09, 2007


Today is one of those gloomy, overcast, slightly chilly days when all I feel like doing is curling up in bed with a good book and hot cup of coffee near by. Not to mention we're having gutters put on today, so the noise from the men walking on the roof is rather bothersome (and making the cats run around the house like mad beetles.) But I need to write. So today becomes one of those days when I must force myself to suck it up and get the work done.

Do you have days like this? Do you force yourself to do the work? Any tricks for getting yourself motivated?


  1. I normally have to force myself to work. Because the word WORK makes me want to rebel.

    I don't allow myself to pleasure snack until I've met my daily goal.

    Have you noticed how much weight I've lost? lol.

  2. I think everyone has days like that. As far as writing goes, I just force myself to write one and only one sentence. But after that, of course, I feel like writing....

  3. I can force myself to work in my job. But never when it never when it comes to writing. If I do, I just end up wasting my time with a bunch of worthless paragraphs that can't even be saved for future stories. In days like yours, I do something other than writing.

  4. I force myself on a regular basis. Sure, it's a lot more fun to read or blog hop than work.

    If I get up very early in the morning 5:30am and write until the kiddies wake up - I'm VERY productive. Maybe it's because I'm too tired to listen to the internal editor.

  5. Nope. I can pull out pages, but they look forced. Usually I edit on days like that. My heart pours into my words and when I don't have it, people notice in the end product.

  6. No real tricks, just forcing myself. When I'm desperate I take my laptop to Starbucks and work. There are distractions in the classic sense there but none of the distractions are about me. While at Starbucks I can't start a load of clothes, I can't do the dishes. I can't connect to the internet, well I could but I'm not paying the price. All I have to do is sit there and write while I sip tea or coffee. It is enough to bump me up and make me want to write for the next week.