Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sex Bomb

No, I'm not channeling Tom Jones, I'm just in a good mood since I got my hair cut yesterday. It's good stuff - back to being swingy and flirty and fun. Long straight hair really only works when it's got layers to give it movement and life. (Yes, I know the profile pic of me shows curly hair - that was strictly hot roller induced madness.)

I feel good. And all because of a haircut. Amazing, isn't it?

Thanks to Lara Santiago for sharing her stylist with me and for chopping five inches off her own hair to inspire me. Now we're both sex bombs.
What makes you feel sexy?


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    A good haircut can definitely put a person in a great mood!!!

    For me? I love my long hair :)

  2. Thigh high boots.

  3. What? Not the one-eyed manicurist? He's got no love. :( But I'm sure you hot bombshells are celebrating with the champagne K. never got to pop the cork on when finaling in the GH!

  4. Sexy... hmm, it's been so long. Lemme see...BC, before kids, I used to wear real silk underwear. It whispers against your skin, breathes, moves, and well, as long as you forget it came out of little worm bottoms, it's just totally fab.