Thursday, August 30, 2007

Girding My Loins

I'm prepping myself for a battle of sorts. Girding my loins, as the subject line says. See, I have to go to Walmart today. We need groceries (seriously, if you looked in our fridge, you'd see a whole lotta light and not much else) and while normally I'm a Publix girl (I love me some Publix), we also need large quantities of bird seed and a hair dryer. Not for use together, I assure you. We need the birdseed because we feed two families of Sandhill Cranes. We meant to feed songbirds, but the cranes have taken over. We like them, though. But when we're out of food, they squawk rather loudly in protest. It's just best to keep them feed.

And I need a hair dryer because yesterday, as I was blow drying my hair, I heard these cracking noises and little plastic bits started shooting out the end of the hair dryer. Then the housing started to split open in my hand. I immediately yanked the cord out of the wall and tossed it. I felt like electrocution was the next step and didn't want to go there. Hence, new hair dryer is on the list. I liked my old one. If they still have it, that's probably what I'll get. I hate getting a new one because there's always a learning curve.
But wait, I'm getting off track. Walmart. I have to go to Walmart. That place is like a time suck. You go in for one thing and an hour and a half later, you've got a cart full of stuff you didn't know you needed. I must be strong. I will avoid the book section (especially since Amazon let me know this morning that my order has shipped - Undercover In High Heels is on its way!) I will avoid the make-up aisle. Mostly. There might be a new lip gloss I should have. Wait! See? It's happening already. Crap. I'm doomed.
On another note, let me offer you a small warning: Don't let your cat sit on your keyboard. Not only do they rarely add legible words of wisdom to your manuscript, but they're capable of making your computer do strange things, like the cursor highlighting everything, the right click function ceasing to function and new windows popping up everytime you try to open a link. I finally had to restart and fortunately that worked to set everything right.


  1. ROFL! The cat's a hoot.

    My closest Walmart is an hour away, so I can't just zip over for a couple things. I have to make a list and make a day of it.

    I miss Publix. They always had the best food and all the nifty little gourmet stuff for when I wanted to treat myself. Try getting a good Havarti cheese at Walmart. I can't even get Havarti in this town. *sigh*

  2. Plus, they put fried chicken and fresh baked French bread by the front door so as your walking in, even if I manage to engage my limited doesn't last long. :)

  3. OMG, I LUuurve the kitty kat!

    Yes, I agree, Walmart Sux. I have to go there too. But I will walk down the book aisle because I have no self control. And the makeup asile because my daughter will drag me there.


    I think I need a CD, too.

  4. I hate Walmart. I hate the way they look, the way they smell, the way they treat their employees, and the way they always have everything I need. Grr. But in a small town, if I decide in the middle of the night that I need to watch the third season of M*A*S*H right away, it's pretty much my only option.

  5. I can't be trusted at Walmart with my credit/debit card, so I usually just take a list of what I ABSOLUTELY need, and the exact amount of cash I know the stuff will cost.


  6. It's so hard to get good help! Son no 2 can't understand why I didn't want his chapter about the vicious ducks of Quackerkill in my current WIP. CHildren! Furred or skinned, they're a trial!

  7. Like B.E. Sanderson, our nearest Walmart is at the north end of the island- fourty miles away so I can't just hop in the family truckster and mosey on's an all day deal in which I make visits to not only walmart but also Albertsons and Kmart, and sometimes the scrapbook store. It's not worth spending all that gas just to grab a few things at Walmart.

  8. Can't and computers don't mix. I learned that on I Can Has Cheezburger. It gives them ideas. Dog's and computers don't mix either.

    Have fun at Walmart. It's always interesting what they have.