Monday, August 13, 2007

Whatcha Reading? Whatcha Watching?

I just finished two fun, but very different books: The Break-Up Bible by Melissa Kantor (YA) and Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen (Popular Fiction - I don't know how else to describe this).

What are you reading or getting ready to read?

Lara Santiago and I watched a golden oldie yesterday - The Court Jester with Danny Kaye and a verra young Angela Lansbury. It's such a funny movie! I'm also in the middle of watching The Glass Bottom Boat with Doris Day. I love old movies!

Seen anything good lately? Looking forward to seeing something soon?


  1. "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle, and the flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true." Huge fan of The Court Jester here.

    Right now I'm reading Silverlock by John Myers Myers, then I'm shifting back to another Erle Stanley Gardner (I got an awesome collection of those last spring and they've been waiting for me.) I haven't been watching anything out of the ordinary lately. My daughter picked up the DVD of Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley version) last week, though, and that was quite nice.

  2. I'm reading Under The Rose by your agency sistah, Diana, and Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies by June Casagrande.

  3. I just finished reading Stray by Rachel Vincent. It was excellent. Next up is Rises The Night by Colleen Gleason.

  4. I'm reading No Regrets by Shannon K. Butcher.
    I love it. It's very exciting.

  5. I love the Court Jester! So funny!

    I just finished Revenge of the Homecoming queen and am about to start, You Had Me at Halo.

    When I get the time!

  6. I just finished Frenemies by Megan Crane. I saw The Simpsons in the theater Saturday night...

  7. I just finished reading Tangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson (for RD review), and I'm getting ready to read Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich. I didn't read it the first time around, so I bought the re-release.

  8. What did you think of "Sick Puppy?" Weird, huh.

  9. I adore Doris Day!

    Right now I'm catching up Janet Evanovich.